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Memorialize for Future Decades

Headstones allow for lives to be documented for centuries after your loved one passes.


In addition to their emotional value, headstones are also important for future generations.

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Honoring Those You Love

By establishing permanent memorials, families can create a place of reflection for honoring their loved ones. Custom Monuments offers a wide selection of headstones, markers and some of the finest crafted benches. Our memorials will stand the test of time, preserving your memories for lifetime with the highest grade granite.


At a time of uncertainty, we act as a liaison between you and the cemetery; seamlessly making an overwhelming process that much more manageable.

Mike the headstone is perfect! You did a wonderful job! Thanks again and

God bless.

– The Stub Sisters (Weymouth, MA)

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To Custom Monuments: Thank you very so much for everything, you’re the best. – Nicole P


The Right Design Plan for You

Before a monument is chosen, we will coordinate with the cemetery for size and permit regulations.


In addition to monuments seen in cemeteries, Custom Monuments will also work with you to design personalized pet or garden makers, made from our granite or from materials that you provide us with, such as a boulder or garden stone.


Custom Monuments offers a wide choice of designs and granite, helping you to design a personalized memorial for your loved one. We offer accessories to enhance your cemetery lot; vases, porcelain pictures, eternal lights, military flag holders and much more.